Flora Arbor presents a portfolio of national, award-winning, and celebrity cannabis brands. We are committed to providing consumers with only the best, by being a reliable source of trusted, and consistent options for everyone. We are dedicated to adding value to our dispensary partners through brand awareness, and events that drive consumer demand.

Our Brands

Founded by rapper, actor, and entertainer Xzibit, each product reflects his vision of the ultimate cannabis experience, fueled by his profound passion. Napalm is an aspirational cannabis brand dedicated to delivering premium products of unwavering quality, innovation, and consistency to the Illinois cannabis market. Napalm’s commitment to excellence drives every aspect of its development process. From the exclusive access and careful selection of genetics, proven product formulas, and their one-of-a-kind packaging, Napalm ensures a premium experience at every turn.

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Buddies Brand has achieved the status of being a best-selling, multistate operating brand. Their accomplishments have earned them accolades from Leaf Link, including the title of the top brand in Oregon and recognition as the fastest-growing vape brand in the largest market in the country, California. Their reach extends nationally, as demonstrated by their ranking among the top ten in the nation for sales volume, according to BDSA data. Being known for “Affordable Happiness. Quality Cannabis” Buddies Brand offers proven product formulas, a track record of success, and is currently available in over 1,000 dispensaries.

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Buddies Awards

Founded by Method Man, a legendary figure in hip-hop, celebrated actor, and renowned cannabis advocate. TICAL brings premium indoor flower to all street intellectually inclined cannabis enthusiasts who embody music, art, fashion, sneakers, and subculture.TICAL, an acronym derived from Method Man’s album title, signifies ‘Taking Into Consideration All Lives.’ It represents a cannabis brand that embodies the spirit of intellectual exploration, and cultural appreciation. With over 25 years of cannabis advocacy and a deep commitment to the healing and serenity that cannabis can offer, TICAL continues the legacy of Method Man.

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Co-founded by the collective expertise of three retired NFL players, Jim McMahon, legendary Chicago Bears QB, Kyle Turley, and Eben Britton, share a deep appreciation for the health and wellness benefits of the cannabis plant. Throughout their NFL careers and into retirement, Kyle, Jim, and Eben witnessed firsthand how opioids took a toll on the bodies and minds of numerous players, including themselves. These personal experiences have been the driving force behind the brand’s mission: to provide a natural alternative to harmful pharmaceuticals while prioritizing the mental and physical well-being of all.

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Founded by King Louie, a legendary Grammy-nominated Chicago-based rapper known for pioneering the city’s drill music scene, Royal Tree is introducing a new standard of quality to the Illinois cannabis market. Over the past decade, his music has not only defined his signature style but also served as a platform for advocating cannabis culture. Being a part of the local community, the aim is to continue his legacy while offering products that promote cannabis education, well-being and community peace. Embracing Royal Tree signifies a commitment to driving positive community impact, supporting local initiatives, and a forward moving shift towards equality and change.